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NPR Radio series “Unlocking Dyslexia”

Links to NPR Radio series “Unlocking Dyslexia”

Series URL (home page):


Part 1 (Nov.28), “Millions have dyslexia but few understand it”:

Part 2 (Nov.29), “How Science is Rewiring the Dyslexic Brain”:

Part 3 (Nov.29), “Raising a child with dyslexia – 3 things parents can do”:

Part 4 (Dec.3), “Dyslexia – the learning disability that must not be named”:

Part 5 (Dec.10), “Personal stories of frustration and success”:

Seacoast Learning Center in Rochester, NH, is one of a large number of centers certified to provide child assessment and Orton-Gillingham 1-on-1 tutoring, to train/certify teachers and clinicians in O-G methodology, and then offer advanced levels. Please visit us at for more parent and teacher information.

On our site you will find much more information about:

  • the physiology and spectrum of dyslexia,
  • why Orton-Gillingham remediation is most effective,
  • Children’s Dyslexia Centers, Inc. (headquarters in Lexington, MA), and
  • our staff and impact on children and teaching in the Rochester, NH, and Seacoast area.
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