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The following resources are provided for students, student parents, and scholars/tutor trainees.
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Seacoast Learning Center 2022/2023 Academic Calendar PDF Document Download
Seacoast Learning Center 2023/2024 Academic Calendar PDF Document Download
Seacoast Learning Center New Student Packet Word Document Download
Seacoast Learning Center New Scholar Packet PDF Document Download
Orton Gillingham Certification Options PDF Document Download
Special Font for Dyslexics PDF Document Download
College Scholarship Form for SLC Program Graduates PDF Document Download
SLC Web Calendar – Meetings and Events View Calendar
Student and Scholar Statistics PDF Document Download
Children’s Dyslexia Center Impact Report PDF Document Download
NH Department of Education
NH Dept. Of Education “Dyslexia” Web Page Visit Webpage
Resource Links
Children’s Dyslexia Centers, Inc. Visit Website
International Dyslexia Association Visit Website
Learning Disabilities Association Of America Visit Website
The Dyslexia Foundation Visit Website
National Center For Learning Disabilities Visit Website
National Institutes Of Health Visit Website
The Charles And Helen Schwab Foundation Visit Website
International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council Visit Website
Academic Language Therapy Association Visit Website
LD Online – The Educators’ Guide To Learning Disabilities And ADHD Visit Website
ProactiveParent.Com Visit Website
Children’s Dyslexia Center – Nashua, NH Visit Website
COVID-19 Prevention Measures Visit Website
Suggested Reading About Dyslexia
Title Author Publisher
Keeping A Head in School: A Student’s Book About Learning Abilities & Learning Disorders Mel Levine Educators Publishing Service
Reversals: A Personal Account Of Victory Over Dyslexia Eileen Simpson Houghton Mifflin
The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan A Blueprint For Renewing Your Child’s Confidence & Love of Learning Ben Foss Ballantine Books
Straight Talk About Reading S. Hall/L. Moats Contemporary Books
The Teacher Who Couldn’t Read
John Corcoran F.O.F Publishing
Overcoming Dyslexia: A New & Complete Science Based Program for Reading Problems At Any Level S. Shaywitz M.D. Alfred A. Knopf

What Students & Parents Are Saying

  • I wanted to share with you a success! You remember my daughter, Julie, who was (is) severely dyslexic and attended the center about four years ago...well, she is now a published poet! Her poem was nominated and included in the anthology attached. Then, more recently, a poem of Julie's received second place in a contest sponsored by our local women's club. Sometimes, I am so overwhelmed I could cry. I'm sure you know that feeling. I think Julie's experiences at the Center made all the difference. Remember when she couldn't even recognize letters? I'm just so grateful.

    Chris Parent
  • Words can not express how thankful I am for the work you and the Dyslexia Center has done for my son Charlie. My son’s inability to read caused so much stress and anxiety for him. Now that his Dyslexia has been identified, and he has been accepted into this program, a huge weight has been lifted off my heart. I am thrilled with the progress Charlie has made over the past year. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing my son pick up a book to read.

    Jennifer Parent
  • Thank you so much for providing an opportunity for our daughter to learn. She is in her second year of the program and we are so pleased with her progress. The Center and her tutors have been such a blessing to our family, and we look forward to watching her grow and succeed.

    Anonymous Parent
  • My daughter has made the most incredible progress through her hard work and the hard work of her tutors. Her entire outlook on school work and homework has changed. She is so happy! I can't thank you enough for the particularly wonderful and necessary service you offer. You are transforming lives, one child at a time.

    Anonymouse Parent
  • Before my training, I didn’t appreciate before what a pervasive, devastating, but remediable condition dyslexia is. I’ve become more attuned for watching the students I am responsible for- Including those I encounter infrequently or merely test, to looks for signs of elements of dyslexia (low, flat DIBELS, not sounding out new words, difficulty with PA tasks) including in otherwise bright 5th graders, to find ways to address some of their needs, even if they can’t get the full 2 hour 1-on-1 treatment of my OG students. This has added urgency (and volume) to my efforts within our building to advocate for these kids’ needs.

    Susan R. Teacher
  • I learned what I had expected and then some. The content of the course exceeded my expectations. I now feel like I have all the resources that I need to effectively teach reading to students with a wide diversity of needs. I have a deeper understanding of reading and language disabilities and the appropriate tools and methods to apply in practice. I feel like I have the resources to effectively teach, even if I suddenly I had no access to resources and materials in our school. I now intend to take what I know to enhance the “How” of teaching.

    Anonymous Teacher

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